Sunday, January 24, 2010

Speak up to fix the taxi industry


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  2. Gutless Ross nelson is afraid to say or write anything in this blog. According to Australian culture (?) people like him including former Prime Minister John Howard love to attack people when they are not present or unable to reply.

  3. The Submission of Faruque Ahmed displayed in the NSW Upper House Inquiry website appears to be incomplete.

    The Upper House link of Faruque Ahmed is missing many modules of the original submission. The Upper House link is a PDF file! And for that reason alone that link does not allow access to many links of Faruque Ahmed’s original and complete submission.

  4. Radio, television, newspapers are silent! All taxi industry activists are silent!! Only a few, who took the king's shilling are writing against Faruque unlawfully!!! These people never did anything for the taxi industry. They never even wrote a letter or read a document about taxi industry.

    All in all, it is a tragedy for the taxi drivers movement.

    Faruque's full submission is not in the public domain. All of those documents in his submission must be revealed to public for judgment.